The Ultimate 7 Step Roadmap to Beat Self-Doubt and Exceed Your Authentic Potential

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction: Your Roadmap for Success

  • 2

    Confidence & the Caveman Brain

    • The Surprising Facts about Real Authentic Confidence

    • The Most Important Evolutionary Brain Fact that Drives your Life and Confidence

    • The Science of Happiness and how to Shape your Mindset

    • Amazing Brain Tool 1: Managing the Amygdala Hijack

    • Brain Rewire: Success Habit 1 & The Black Dot Exercise

    • Mindfulness Minute

    • Fun Quiz

  • 3

    It's all about YOU

    • Meditate and Reflect

    • The No 1 Critical Building Block for Confidence: Your Values

    • How you are Fundamentally Motivated

    • Identify Your Values to Operate with Confidence

    • The Unexpected Science of Negative Thinking

    • Amazing Brain Tool 2: Training your Brain's Bouncer

    • Your 1st Micro Confidence Challenge in 54321

    • Fun Quiz

  • 4

    Smashing Your Inner Critic

    • Meditate and Reflect

    • Why Your Brain Loves Control and The SAS Technique

    • Understanding your Inner Critic and 3 Brain Hacks to Crush it

    • Amazing Brain Tool 3: Manage Your Inner Critic in 3 Simple Steps

    • Ditching the Guilt with Balance and Boundaries

    • Brain Rewire: Success Habit 2

    • Fun Quiz

  • 5

    Beating Imposter Syndrome

    • Meditate and Reflect

    • What is Imposter Syndrome and What Impact Does it Have?

    • The Curse of Social Comparison and Your Masks

    • The 3 Secret Steps to Beating Imposter Syndrome

    • The Anti-Imposter Tool

    • Why You Should Celebrate Imposter Syndrome

    • Amazing Brain Tool 4: Your Radical Hero

    • Your 2nd Micro Confidence Challenge

    • Fun Quiz

  • 6

    How to Stop Avoiding Conflict & Tough Conversations

    • Meditate and Reflect

    • Why Your Brain hates Conflict

    • 3 Hot Tips on Not to Shy Away from Conflict

    • Essential Questions to Progress your Career

    • The Best Mindset for Getting Feedback and Your Success

    • Amazing Brain Tool 5: The Brain Reset

    • Brain Rewire: Success Habit 3

    • Fun Quiz

  • 7

    Purpose: Find Your Uniqueness

    • Meditate and Reflect

    • Why Your Brain Wants to Have a Purpose

    • The Purpose Equation

    • Identify and Erase What’s Holding You Back

    • 6 Life Changing Steps to your Finding Your Uniqueness

    • Amazing Brain Tool 6: Activation Energy

    • Fun Quiz

  • 8

    Time for Action!

    • Meditate and Reflect

    • Create Your Exceptional Life with Transformative Goals and Vision

    • Techniques to Manage Your Fears of Failure & Beat Unexpected Road Blocks

    • Build your Brain Powered Confidence Action Plan

    • Final Review

    • Special Bonus! Amazing Brain Tool 7 - Your Board of Directors

    • Step into Your Next Chapter with Unstoppable Confidence!

    • Fun Quiz

    • Check In

"A Perfect View of Inner Discovery"

"Absolutely loved this course. Helped me to understand in so many ways, my reactions and behaviours which I can now adjust thanks to the tools and tips which Caroline provided. Would definitely recommend." Latoya L

This is your opportunity, in 7 easy steps, to grab the success that you deserve


USD $719 or 3 Monthly Payments of USD $249 (Estimates only - please check your payments provider for final exchange rates)

  • 7 Online Training Modules, covering the Essentials of Gaining Unstoppable Confidence

  • Step by Step High-Quality Video Learning

  • Quizzes & Checklists for each Module

  • Fascinating Exercises and Research

  • Brilliant Success Tools and Habits

  • Super Concentrated, High-Value Training to give the Biggest Impact whilst being Time Efficient

  • Completion Certificate

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  • 7 LIVE Masterclasses Sessions and Group Coaching with your professional coach & guide

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  • Access to the amazing Brain Powered Research Library

  • Over 30 different Neuroscience-based Tools and Models

  • Live recorded interview with Applied Neuroscientist Professor Paul Brown: Emotions and the How the Brain Works

"I can highly recommend!"

"I found it to be both a simple and profound, science based course that you could work through at your own pace. Reinforced by live zooms, where one could interact with other like minded people from different countries. Such a positive practical course. Has helped me negotiate and busy stressful workplace with greater understanding and purpose. A really enlightening experience!" Kim B.

Brain Powered Confidence is accompanied by beautifully crafted digital workbooks

Our workbooks aren't boring or just a 'tick the box' exercise. We provide you with really helpful summaries, information and research as part of the course. They are visually stimulating as we know that's how you will learn best! AND you can update them digitally or print out and scribble if you prefer.

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We’re so confident that you’ll love Brain Powered Confidence that we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. This gives you ample time to test out the program and work through the first 2 modules of the course. If, after 14 days of working through the first 2 modules (which cover Confidence and your Values), and you don’t feel totally motivated and inspired to continue, simply reach out. Show us you’ve put in the work, and you’ll be eligible for a full refund. Our full cancellation policy is in our Terms and Conditions.